Mantek Machinery Automation Consultancy Industry served in a 13.000 m² open and 4000 m² closed area with compost, fresh white button mushrooms and mushroom canned facilities in 1992, under the name of Naturel Mantar.In the following years, with the development of technology, it is a company that has started to take modern and pioneering steps in the sector in the direction of mechanization in production.As Mantek Makine, we opened our button mushroom compost facility, which is 100% our own production, with our own equipment, in


Mantek Makine

Mantek Makine was established to move its business partners to the first place in the mushroom production sector.

The experienced team of Mantek Makine is ready to serve with great effort and devotion to assist our business partners in mushroom cultivation and use of compost machines.

Our business basis is the principle of being honest and hardworking.

As the leading manufacturer of cultivated mushroom compost machines, we provide complete consultancy services in turnkey projects with a complete mushroom production facility layout prepared by our architect-engineer staff.

We bring together the compost production facility and mushroom growing rooms with the latest technology full and semi-automatic machines.

We have built many mushroom and compost production facilities around the world. We have supplied our button mushroom compost machines to overseas countries and various facilities in Turkey.

As a manufacturer of mushroom composting machines, we work to offer special solutions to our business partners according to the project needs.

Our machines;

◊ Pre-Wetting Line

◊ Bunker Filling Machine

◊ Tunnel Filling Cassette

◊ Dosage Hoper

◊ Mushroom Compost Transfer Conveyors

◊ Tunnel Winch

◊ Block Press and Shrink Machine

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